Hair Styling Goo Goo


This is an all-rounder product, very versatile in use; it can be build up to give a very firm hold. It is not a wax, a paste or a crème, it is a beautiful compound that can design looks or hold looks, as well as support curls, short looks, long straight – anything goes! It is light in terms of feel, with the strength of a medium to strong wax. It has a creamy texture which spreads easily, without leaving that waxy layer that hardens and stiffens looks.


Who: Anyone, a brilliant choice for all hair types and hair lengths.
When: Daily to damp or dry hair – very versatile.
How: Apply to damp or dry hair and style as desired for an all-day strong hold. This product can be build-up; for more hold or a look that is more styled, use more – start sparingly and increase as needed.
Hold strength: 4/5 hold.
Uses: Perfect for creating, moulding, holding or firming many hair styles. Goo goo sculptures but it also texturises. Also brilliant for scrunching and defining curls. It also acts as a styling aid when blow-drying. Goo goo works on messy hair and is great for achieving flicks and defining layered hair with a strong hold potential.

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