Firm Hold Gel


A firm hold gel that sets and styles. The fact that it is alcohol-free makes this gel very unique. With products which contain alcohol, the alcohol content evaporates as it dries, leaving a flaky sediment which makes the hair stiffened and hard.  This gel leaves hair feeling soft and smooth, so it can brush into soft, yet still-shapely forms.  It has a low glow satin finish.


Who: For everyone, anytime and anywhere, it gives hair texture and flexible hold.
When: Apply to both wet and dried hair.
How: Apply to damp or dry hair and style as desired for an all-day strong hold. Brush through for a softer look. The more you apply, the stronger the hold. A little adds separation to any cuts, and a lot gives sleek grooming that hold. It stays moist, so hair stays malleable, allowing styles to change direction. Like other gels, it simply rinses out.
Hold strength: 4/5 hold.
Uses: Perfect for shaping, moulding, spiking and slicking, holding or sculpting many hair styles with a very strong hold. It holds spiky hair in place and keeps short hair flicked out. It is also brilliant for scrunching and setting curls as an alternative to mousse. For short curls, it defines and tames fly-away locks. It also provides good control for blow-drying, because it doesn’t leave a flaky residue that hardens the hair.

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