Understanding colour depth with the assistants of the new swatches book from Shades of Soul will add confidence when you need it and bring comfort where you want. Individuals should no longer be led from only analyst point of views but must feel part of what there physical character be complimented in their own circumstances.

This is a typical example of how this model with number 0.50 eye colour can *Harmonise with this type of green shade garment.

Also see what the result of eye colour number 0.20 and eye colour number 0.80 is valued with the same green shade. Number 0.20 will be the least towards this green shade and means that it will be *Intente meaning a bold description towards this green. The number 0.80 will have a *Contrast coding towards this green and will add a little spice wearing this type of green.

Now look at the option of different jackets with their analysis of the coding system of Shades of Soul. The black jacket will *Harmonise with the number 0.20 eye colour and will create a comforting effect with the black jacket choice. The number 0.50 eye colour shade is in *Contrast with the Black top and will have a less comforting effect with the black jacket and the number 0.80 eye colour will be *Intente which makes it the least comforting effect towards black and play bold.

When the model with the number 0.50 eye colour wear the green type of colour and is looking for a jacket to spice it up, it will be the black jacket that is in *Contrast to her eye colour. If she settles for comfortable, she would wear the blue jacket which will *Harmonise with her eye colour shade and also with her green shade garment. Her total look will be in *Harmony.

This number 0.50 eye shade model can also choose the light pink to bring spice / *Contrast and will be a less formal interpretation than the light pink.

The value of colour is mostly about depth of colour combinations and not about chromatic ability or adjacent mixes. Undertone and vibrance is a personal choice. So are monochromatic compilations and what mood you prefer. Primarily you need to find the depth of a colour that fit your ambiance that you want to achieve. Then the tones will be much easier. Undertones are mostly influenced by the flavour of the month, colours of the year and where you need more warmth.   

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