If you want to make a statement with the right choice of glasses to wear; the following example will bring you closer in explaining when the science of Shades of Soul can be powerful or subtle. The unique number system of their swatches brings you the meaning of each colour towards your eye-colour. This fantastic Shades booklet gives you hundreds of colours and neutrals that speaks for you eye-colour. It will change your life to colourful meaning.

See how the top row of glasses fits the coding system of the Shades of Soul analysis. These lighter colour glasses will create a bold effect (*Intente) towards number 0.20 eye colour shade, add only a bit of spice (*Contrast) towards 0.50 eye colour shade and feel most comfortable (*Harmonise) with 0.80 eye colour shade.

The middle row of glasses will fit a comfortable description with number 0.50 eye colour shade. Number 0.80 eye colour shade will be spicy looking with these colour glasses and the number 0.20 colour eye shade will have the least comfortable (*Intente) result.

Intensity of colour when deciding on a glass frame is all about how much emphasis you want to apply to your look. *Intente coded for a bold look, *Contrast coded for adding spice to you look and *Harmony coded for total comfort.

The bottom row with the two darkest frames will *Harmonise (comfort) with 0.20 eye colour shade, be in *Contrast (less comfort with a bit of oomph) with eye colour 0.50 and will be *Intente (least comfort but extreme-and-bold) with eye colour 0.80 on the eye chart.

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