Is Shades of Soul difficult to use?

Only 3 basic steps to get your colour result. First step is matching your eye colour. Second step is to choose from the swatches booklet any colour that interest you at that time. Third step is to clarify what that colour mean; *Harmonise or *Contrast or *Intente.

Can anyone use Shades of Soul?

The individual at home can use it in a personal way or the mentor / analysts can combine their data basis to create their own consulting business. The system of Shades of Soul is already researched material of science, frequencies and mood.

What is the eye colour chart?

I have created a short version of all eye colour depths. It resembles a grey-scale for eye colour to use in the principles of choosing a colour and find out what the strength of that colour is in relation with your eye colour.

What if my eye colour is not on the eye colour chart provided by Shades of Soul?

Simply look on the provided eye colour chart for the closest match with your eye colour. The law of averages was incorporated by Shades of Soul’s research to pin which eye colour that matches yours will prove the best result of ambiance with the code system on the chart.

When I have chosen my first colour from the swatches booklet, what is next?

The first colour provided the mood with the letter H* for *Harmonise, C* for *Contrast and I* for *Intente. Your eye colour chart will show a joining number next to your closest match. That number must be next to the mentioned letters H*, C* or I* or the closest number matching the letter. Now you know the mood. Choose any colour next. Do the same analysis as with your first. Now you know the mood of your second colour. Choose how you will emphasize the first colour in comparison with your second.

My job requires that we can only wear black, white and red. How can Shades of Soul operate in my work place?

Find your eye colour first on eye colour chart. See what category black, white and red will be in character to you eye colour. The strength of each will depend on you own eye colour. It means that different people’s eye colour will have different strengths towards the black, white and red. You can choose how strong you want to come across by deciding between *Harmonise, *Contrast or *Intente with its different moods.

Where does warm & cool colours fit in?

The client / user always choose their first favourite colour from the swatches. If the undertone bothers the mentor he / she will reduce that specific Shade to only 50% of the area where it will be applied. It is very unlikely with the research of Shades of Soul that a client will choose an ineffective colour ever.

Can I wear any colour?

With Shades of Soul the swatches will explain each shades value. Whatever the user / client’s choice of shade is, it will magnify what the importance of that shade will carry through. As an individual you stay in charge of how strong you want to come across and if you are assisted by a Shades of Soul mentor they can combine their fashion, texture and any commercial popularity.

Can I use Shade of Soul to accessories?

Shades of Soul is perfect to incorporate in any jewelry, décor and even spectacle choices. You can get the explanation of mood by matching how deep the colour is that you want to incorporate. See on eye colour chart where your eye colour is. Get the swatches colour closest to your accessory colour. That Shades of Soul will show on its numeric code how bold that piece will be towards your eye colour.

I go to a “Black-Tie” event, how can Shades of Soul assist me?

First decide where your eye colour’s depth is towards the black. The 3 darkest eye colours on the eye colour chart will be *Harmonise best. Medium eye colour will be in *Contrast with black and light eye colours will be *Intente with black. Now you decide the amount of strength you want to use by wearing black. You can combine a second colour to either use more black or less black. The Shades of Soul’s swatches can also explain what the effect will be of the second colour.

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