Colour of the year has a different meaning for each type of eye colour.

Shades of Soul has proven the accuracy of eye colour depth when compared to any colour’s frequency.

Discover how to match eye-colour-depth with any colour in the world.

If you know the strength of a colour the value, chroma and hue falls in place!

Power dress or accent colours in décor will not be a challenge anymore.

Blue can be an ever-ready classic for comfort or use it to become the statement you always needed.

  • Simply match your own eye-colour first on the eye-chart
  • The letter next to your eye-colour will place your character compared any colour
  • Super energy is the solution with this colour when you find an *I
  • Medium energy when you find the letter *C next to you eye-colour
  • Comfortable energy if the *H is your eye-colour match.

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